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Taking Another Step Forward
HanmiParsons signs an agreement with Urbanaut, USA for monorail business
Taking Another Step Forward
  • By matthew
  • November 15, 2009, 00:00
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HIGHLY advanced monorail systems have features that have positive effects on the environment as well as economic benefits.

Kim Jong-hoon, chairman of HanmiParsons and John Svensson, CEO of Urbanaut signed an exclusive collaboration agreement (ECA) on October 26, 2009 for business development and project cooperation utilizing Urbanaut’s patented technique. This collaboration agreement is legally more binding and has greater meaning than a traditional MOU.

Existing monorail technology, which was introduced by Hitachi in Japan and Bombardier in Canada, is over 50 years old. These systems are of a Straddle type, which utilize a guide-beam as the basic rail system. The 5.0 meter high vehicle is a cause of high construction costs in tunnel construction and other special height restriction areas.

The innovative technique of Urbanaut is greatly upgraded and guarantees environment- friendly conditions. Tire friction is minimized, while the 3.0 meter high vehicle is 2.0 meters lower than existing designs, making it possible to reduce vehicle weight and realize a cost reduction of up to 50 percent. Urbanaut’s technique is widely acclaimed and has been patented in many countries besides the USA. In addition, seven countries including ones from Southeast Asia and Africa have requested to have it patented for use.

If this advanced technique is introduced to the domestic light rail industry, we can expect to see a system that is not only appealing in appearance and 30-50% cheaper in terms of construction costs, but one that also minimizes maintenance costs. This revolutionary system is also highly energy efficient as it utilizes a light vehicle on a lightweight structure.

The Chairman of HanmiParsons was excited to introduce this new technology stating, “This signing of the monorail business is a part of our plan to make HanmiParsons a Top 10 CM company by 2015; this is part of our goal to contribute to the environment with an eco-friendly rail network that has less costs thanks to its use of state-of-the-art design techniques.”

Urbanaut applied this new technique to the Wolmido, Incheon City monorail. This railway will operate on 6.2KM of guide ways from Eunha station to Wolmi Park. If the system succeeds in producing the expected results, approximately 20 light rail expresses or similar business are expected to develop. Future travelers will have greater options regarding transportation, with the railway providing a quick and convenient form of transportation.

HanmiParsons will cooperate and provide business development and construction services with Urbanaut in both domestic and international markets. This market recognition will assist both HanmiParsons and Urbanaut in securing additional market leadership in this new technology.

It is general for production management (PM) or construction management (CM) companies to lead any projects, especially complex infrastructure (river restoration, port, light rail express, express rail, expressway, bridge etc.) in the USA, the UK and other advanced countries. HanmiParsons also signed an MOU with Turner & Townsend for the forming of a joint venture to provide cost management services.