Wednesday, April 8, 2020
'Chapaguri' Gaining Popularity as 'Parasite' Wins 4 Oscars
Nongshim Promoting Korean Ramyeons
'Chapaguri' Gaining Popularity as 'Parasite' Wins 4 Oscars
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • February 12, 2020, 11:06
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"Chapaguri" is cooked by mixing Chapagetti and Neoguri ramyeons from Nongshim.

Nongshim is giving free Chapagetti and Neoguri ramyeons to those buying "Parasite" movie tickets in Britain. "Chapaguri," which is a compound word of the two product names and is cooked by mixing the two products, was created by a modisumer and its popularity is rising among those who watched the Parasite movie.

Nongshim has made efforts in global markets to promote Korean ramyeons and differentiate them from Japanese ramens. Chapaguri is currently adding to the popularity of its products with the film having won four Academy Awards. On Feb. 11, the company posted YouTube videos in 11 different languages to show how to cook it.

The ramyeon was shown in the film as a material indicating the gap between the rich and the poor. The film was released in Britain on Feb. 7 and the company is marketing Chapaguri there with leaflets showing the recipe and film poster parodies. The stock price of the company rose 4.46 percent and closed at 246,000 won per share on Feb. 11.