Sunday, April 5, 2020
LS Group Chairman Asks New Executives to Become Leaders with Enterprising Spirit
The Virtues for New Executives
LS Group Chairman Asks New Executives to Become Leaders with Enterprising Spirit
  • By Choi Mun-hee
  • January 9, 2020, 11:21
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LS Group chairman Koo Ja-yeol (left) presents a book to Park Hyeon-ho, who was promoted to the head of LCSI, before having dinner with the group’s newly appointed executives on Jan. 6.

LS Group chairman Koo Ja-yeol hosted dinner for 14 new executives promoted this year at LS Yongsan Tower in Seoul on Jan. 6. During the dinner, Koo congratulated them on their promotions and gave them advice about virtues of new executives.

"I am happy to see you as you are the fruit of LG Group’s global management and global human resources development programs," Koo said. "As the group’s sustainable future can be found in the global market, the new executives here must be leaders with enterprising spirit and spearhead efforts to find the key to success in the global market."

In his New Year's message, Koo urged group officials to localize global businesses and improve the operational efficiency of overseas businesses.

LS Cable & System announced the 2030 Global Vision which emphasizes a globally balanced growth beyond Asia. LS Industrial Systems established a global business headquarters to find a new growth path abroad. The group as a whole is betting on developing overseas markets such as North America, Europe and Southeast Asia.

In addition, Koo gave books to the new executives as a gift. They included “Leaders’ Minds” written by Hong Eui-sook, CEO of Incoaching, “A Compass to Fulfillment” written by Kazuo Inamori, the founder of Kyocera Corp. who was nicknamed the “god of management,” and “The Dignity of Words'' by author Lee Ki-joo.