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Samsung Electronics to Help Korean Startups to Go Global
Samsung to Take Startups to CES 2020
Samsung Electronics to Help Korean Startups to Go Global
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • December 30, 2019, 11:48
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Samsung Electronics will support in-house venture projects and outside startups to participate in CES 2020.

Samsung Electronics will participate in CES 2020, the world's largest home appliance exhibition to be held in Las Vegas in January, together with Korean startups and support them to enter the global market.

Samsung Electronics announced on Dec. 29 that it will unveil five outstanding projects of C-Lab Inside, an in-house venture development program, and support the participation of four startups from C-Lab Outside, an outside startup development program, in CES 2020. This is the first time startups supported by the C-Lab Outside program will participate in CES with Samsung Electronics.

C-Lab Inside is an in-house venture fostering program that Samsung Electronics introduced in 2012 to spread a creative organizational culture and discover employees’ creative ideas. C-Lab Inside participated in CES for the first time in 2016 and will take part in it for the fifth time in a row next year.

C Lab Inside’s projects to be unveiled at CES 2020 are products and services for convenient and healthy everyday life. The five are Selfie Type, a virtual keyboard solution using smartphones and tablet front cameras; Smart Highlighter Highler, a digital highlighter that can create clipping files with underlined parts and search them and manage them digitally; Beacon, a scalp care and hair loss prevention solution; Sunnyside, a window-type lighting device that generates artificial sunlight; and Ultra-V, a sensor and service that monitors and manages the effects of ultraviolet rays.

Three startups that have received support for the past one year and graduated from C-Lab Outside in November and one startup currently being fostered will participate in CES 2020 this time.