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Strike Momentum on the Wane at Renault Samsung
Only 33% of Union Members Join Walkout
Strike Momentum on the Wane at Renault Samsung
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • December 27, 2019, 10:56
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Labor union members of Renault Samsung Motors assemble cars as usual at the company's Busan Plant on Dec. 26.

The strike momentum of Renault Samsung Motors’ labor union is waning day by day. A majority of union members have been shunning the strike due to concerns over a production cliff. Auto industry experts say that in light of the falling strike participation by union members, the union leadership will fail to attain their goal.

On Dec. 26, the third day of strike, 1,607 of the entire 2,172 employees of the Busan plant reported to work. Among unionists, 568 or 33 percent of the total 1,727 union members participated in the walkout.

The labor union began to stage the strike on Dec. 20 after their wage and collective bargaining negotiations with the management ended without an agreement. Later, the labor union leadership ordered the strike. On Dec. 23, the first day of strike, only 707 unionists joined the walkout, recording a 43.5 percent participation rate. On Dec. 24, it fell to 37.4 percent.

Many unionists are fed up with a strike as they staged a long strike in the first half of the year. They are also concerned about the company’s future as its situation has been deteriorating due to the damage from the strike. As a result, the strike is unlikely to be prolonged.