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Samsung Electronics to Supply AI Chip to Baidu
First Samsung-Baidu Foundry Cooperation
Samsung Electronics to Supply AI Chip to Baidu
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • December 19, 2019, 12:31
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Kunlun AI chip to be produced by Samsung Electronics’ foundry business unit

Samsung Electronics announced on Dec. 18 that it would manufacture Kunlun, Baidu’s 14-nm process-based AI chip, early next year. This marks the first foundry cooperation between Samsung Electronics and Baidu and is expected to lead to Samsung Electronics’ foundry business expansion to cover AI chips for use in cloud computing and edge computing.

Kunlun 818-300 and Kunlun 818-100 to be developed and produced by the two companies are AI chips that can be used in various fields of the industry. The high-performance chips incorporate Baidu’s XPU architecture and Samsung Electronics’ 14-nm process technology and Interposer-Cube package solution.

Samsung Electronics has applied a foundry solution optimized for high performance computing to improve power integrity and signal integrity by at least 50 percent. As a result, it succeeded in reducing the noise that is generated during signal transmission to a chip, maintaining a constant voltage and enhancing the stability of circuit operation. The Interposer-Cube package solution is Samsung Electronics’ own 2.5D packaging technique for integrating an SoC chip and a high-bandwidth memory chip on a silicon interposer. The technique is characterized in that each chip is placed in one package for a higher transmission speed and a smaller package area.