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Korean Blockchain Games Gaining Popularity Abroad
Not Available in Korea
Korean Blockchain Games Gaining Popularity Abroad
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • December 4, 2019, 13:24
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Crypto Legends, a blockchain game from Weneepl

Korean game developers are releasing new blockchain games one after another. These new games are not in the form of betting games; they are not much different from existing role playing games (RPGs) and card battles. Blockchain games are evolving into “real games.”

“Crypto Legends,” which was released by Weneepl last month, and “Knights Story,” which was developed by Biscuit, have been well-received by gamers abroad, said sources in the game industry on Dec. 3. In Korea, these games are not in proper service yet due to their rating problems, but they are already leading games markets abroad.

Developed by Weneepl, a blockchain game developer founded by developers from Gameville, Crypto Legends is a game where users compete against one another by collecting cards. It was launched through the blockchain platform “EOS” and became a hot topic thanks to its excellent graphics before its launch.

Crypto Legends was launched in the global market on Nov. 26. Immediately after its launch, it placed first in the EOS game rankings on, a blockchain application ranking site.

Knights Story by Biscuit is also enjoying good responses. Knight Story is an RPG in which knights, wizards, and archers grow, defeating enemies and saving villages. In particular, users can make more than 200 items such as swords, bows, and pieces of armor by combining 70 different materials. A player can exchange items acquired in the game with other players through non-fungible token (NFT) technology.

Knights Story is rapidly gathering users by rising to 12th place in the overall app rankings on another statistical site, State of the App. It is especially noteworthy that the game is actually making profits. It recorded the fifth highest revenue among all blockchain games. Knight Story is especially an eye-catching game because it is available in Korea after reviews by Google and Apple.

“Infinity Star” developed by NodeBrick is also expanding its users overseas. NodeBrick is making efforts to penetrate the Japanese market while it cannot start its service in Korea. Infinity Star is enjoying the sixth highest revenue among all blockchain games.

Next year, more blockchain games will be available on the game market. “Five Stars,” which garnered much attention from gamers and the game industry by implementing high-quality graphics at the G-Star, a major game show held in Korea in November, is waiting for its official launch. BORA, which aims to become a blockchain-based digital content platform, also announced that it will launch six blockchain games including “Flyff Legacy” and “Hunters League.”

In addition, listed major game publishers will release a bunch of blockchain games beginning next year. Wemade Tree, a wholly owned subsidiary of Wemade, is planning to introduce blockchain versions of popular mobile games such as “Cryptonado for Wemix,” “Wind Runner,” “Candy Pang” and games based on Mir's Legend IP.

Mgame will launch blockchain games based on “Ghost Online” and “Princess Maker” through Kakao's blockchain platform Klaytn.