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KakaoTalk Introduces “Do Not Disturb” Feature
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KakaoTalk Introduces “Do Not Disturb” Feature
  • By matthew
  • March 28, 2014, 02:44
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KakaoTalk has introduced a Do Not Disturb feature that keeps users from being notified of KakaoTalk messages through pop-ups, vibrations, or alert sounds at specific times during the day. The feature is expected to be most used in public places, office meetings, or at bedtime.   

Another new feature allows users to receive game messages only from their friends, which can be accessed by tapping on Game Message Settings. Kakao explains that users are exposed on a list of game friends only when both of them are registered as friends, and thus users can enjoy games utilizing more sophisticated social connections. 

The mobile messenger service provider is planning to diversify the option of group chat invitations, and to add a synchronization feature that recovers the existing chat rooms list and the content of previous conversations in the event that KakaoTalk is reinstalled for some reason.