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SK Infosec Advances into Vietnam's Information Security Market
In Partnership with VinCSS
SK Infosec Advances into Vietnam's Information Security Market
  • By Michael Herh
  • November 21, 2019, 13:03
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Lee Yong-hwan (right), CEO of SK Infosec and president Trak of VinCSS pose for a photo after signing a partnership agreement in 81 Tower of the Vin Group in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on Nov. 19.

SK Infosec will advance into the Vietnamese information security market by partnering with Vin Cyber ​​Security Services (VinCSS), an information security subsidiary of Vietnam's Vin Group.

SK Infosec announced on Nov. 20 that it signed a strategic partnership agreement with VinCSS for cooperation in the information security business on Nov. 19.

VinCSS is an information security subsidiary of Vin Group, the largest privately held business group in Vietnam. The company is expanding its presence in the Vietnamese market based on its information security business for Vin Group affiliates. Furthermore, it plans to expand its business to neighboring Asian countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

SK Infosec plans to build its integrated security control platform Secudium at the VinCSS Security Center within this year and transfer technology and know-how in control operation and sales. Based on this, VinCSS will provide information security services to about 30 subsidiaries of Vin Group and secure local customers in Vietnam.