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Cafe24 Successfully Hosts First Online Business Fair with 700 Attendees
36 Partner Firms Share E-commerce Success Strategies
Cafe24 Successfully Hosts First Online Business Fair with 700 Attendees
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • November 15, 2019, 11:19
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Participants attend the "2019 Cafe24 Online Business Fair" held at the Yeouido 63 Convention Center on Nov. 14.

Online e-commerce businesses are maximizing opportunities for success through Cafe24’s partner companies.

Global e-commerce platform Cafe24 held its first "2019 Cafe24 Online Business Fair" at the Yeouido 63 Convention Center on Nov. 14. It was attended by officials from 700 e-commerce businesses and affiliates in various industries including fashion, beauty, and foods.

A total of 36 companies in Cafe24’s partner network were present on-site to share e-commerce success solutions with attendees. Ten design and template partners including Morenvy and Design-book; nine homepage and custom store-building partners including With Brother and Giantsoft; seven big data marketing service and mobile app development partners including Masterskin and Genieworks; 10 artificial intelligence (AI)-based chatbot and inventory management services partners including ZOYI Corp. and LM Friends were present. Partners were situated at consulting booths to answer questions and offer helpful solutions based on expert know-how.

Morenvy CEO Lee Soo-jin said, “An online store’s design directly affects its brand identity. A store’s design can be planned to be both aesthetic and optimized for shopping patterns to drive sales.”

With Brother CEO Lim Kyu-sung said, “Online businesses each need customization that is optimized for its specific customer base. Adopting a system with various functions to increase customer convenience and internal management can boost overall operation efficiency.”

Masterskin CEO Kim Bok-sung said, “More e-commerce businesses are starting to pay attention to the details in their services in order to gain a competitive edge. It is becoming important to offer special customer experiences like telling the story of a product or offering a simple game for a chance to win free shipping.”

LM Friends CEO Choi Sun-won said, “Having expertise in customer service is as important as having good products. AI-based chatbots make it easier to systematically manage customer support that leads to loyal customers.”

Cafe24 expert instructors also gave presentations during the fair. Topics included easy entrepreneurship through Cafe24’s "Smart Mode"; creating product detail pages without Photoshop through Cafe24’s AI photo editor "Edibot"; data analysis for e-commerce business success; and YouTube marketing success strategies.

Cafe24 CEO Lee Jae-suk said, “E-commerce businesses will be able to scale up faster by utilizing services and technologies provided by our partners.” He added, “Cafe24 will continue to support the active cooperation between our online businesses and partner companies.”