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POSCO Chemical to Expand Anode Material Production Plant
To Meet Growing Demand from EV Battery Makers
POSCO Chemical to Expand Anode Material Production Plant
  • By 비지니스코리아
  • November 12, 2019, 11:12
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POSCO Chemical will build additional production facilities to ramp up its production of anode materials for secondary batteries by 22,000 tons.
POSCO Chemical will expand its anode material production facilities to increase output by 22,000 tons a year.

POSCO Chemical announced on Nov. 11 that it has decided to invest 125.4 billion won in expanding its capacity to produce anode materials for secondary batteries. This is an investment for the second-phase expansion of the company's second anode material plant.

POSCO Chemical has completed the first-phase construction of the anode material plant with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons. The new facility began commercial operation in November of this year. The company is planning to invest in second-phase expansion to respond to rapidly growing demand and to take the lead in the anode material market.

The additional facility will have a capacity of 22,000 tons per year. Slated for completion in 2021, the facility will be built on the premise of the company's second anode material factory in the high-tech industrial complex of Sejong-myeon, Sejong City.

POSCO Chemical will have a production capacity of 66,000 tons per year, including 44,000 tons from the currently operating facilities, after the second-phase expansion. Depending on market situations, the company is planning to continuously expand the production capacity of the second plant to 76,000 tons annually. This volume is enough to supply 60 Kwh standard batteries to about 1.26 million high-performance electric vehicles.