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Debate over 8K TV Expected to Intensify at CES 2020
Resolution of 8K TVs Questioned
Debate over 8K TV Expected to Intensify at CES 2020
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • November 5, 2019, 09:23
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A debate over the resolution of 8K TVs is likely to flare up at Consumer Electronics Show 2020.

Debate over the 8K TV is intensifying abroad as well as in Korea. As North America has become the world’s largest 8K TV market, beating Europe, a debate over the resolution credential for 8K TVs is likely to flare up at the world’s biggest tech event, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 to be held in the United States early next year.

Industry watchers said on Nov. 3 that Forbes have recently tested LG Electronics’ two 8K TV models and concluded that LG’s 8K TVs were not capable of playing 8K content properly. The United States magazine added that these two TV sets are the models unequipped with “8K upgrader” which, LG promised to supply.

LG said in late September at the official launch of its 8K TV that the company would provide all new LG 8K TV owners free of charge for an “8K upgrader,” an extra device to support better 8K delivery. The economic magazine pointed out that it was absurd to release a product before it could deliver 8K contents properly.

Forbes also quoted the LG Electronics as saying “Samsung Electronics’ 8K TV also fails to provide true native 8k resolution.” That shows battle to lead the market will continue for a time being amid no proper sources and technology standards set for 8K TV.

AVS forum, Canada-based professional information provider on audio visual equipment, suggested that the credentials for 8K TVs should include 33 million pixel resolution (pixel 7680x4320), HDR(High Dynamic Range), HDMI 2.1 inputs supporting high resolution, a wider screen size of more than 55 inch, a wider viewing angle, potent AI-supported processing technology and fast game response setting.

The TV industry noted whether major TV manufacturing companies would be able to earn a logo for 8K Ultra High Definition (UHD) television issued by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). TV makers uncertified by the CTA would be in trouble with showcasing TV sets at the CES to be held in Las Vegas early next year.

Among the 8K TV’s attributes defined by the CTA is contrast modulation (CM) level that should be over 50 percent. LG has consistently asserted that Samsung’s 8K TV failed to meet that level.

HIS Markit, a London-based research firm, forecasted that 36 percent of 8K TV sets would be shipped in North America next year. More than 30 percent of TV sets were shipped in Europe this year, marking the largest share of any global region but the North America would take the first place next year with the 8K TV shipments to the region reaching 40 percent around 2021.

The industry said that in order to make good use of the CTA logo for the CES 2020, TV makers should finish all the preparations and earn the logo before the early December. LG electronics said the company was already stepping into get CTA 8K logo while its arch river Samsung said “Elevating the CM level is not a difficult job but one of several options.”