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SK Telecom, KT Recognized as Global 5G Leaders
Accolade from World Communication Awards
SK Telecom, KT Recognized as Global 5G Leaders
  • By Michael Herh
  • November 1, 2019, 13:51
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An SK Telecom manager (center) holds a prize at the World Communication Awards (WCA) in London, the United Kingdom.

SK Telecom and KT have won global recognition for their leadership in 5G communication technology development.

SK Telecom announced on Oct. 31 that it has an award in the innovative communication technology category at the World Communication Awards (WCA) held in London, the United Kingdom.

The WCA was first established by Total Telecom, a U.K. telecom media company in 1999 and annually selects telecommunications companies and telecom hardware manufacturers with outstanding achievements in 25 categories including technology, brands, and content.

This year, the WCA selected SK Telecom's AI-based network management system Tango as the winner in the innovative telecommunication technology category. Tango is an AI-based platform developed by SK Telecom for the automation of communication network construction and control.

SK Telecom explained that the WCA highly praised Tango for contributing to the construction of an efficient national 5G network. The company put 34 years of its experience in network construction in a database that includes data on more than 10 million buildings, roads and geographical features.

KT has won two awards, the 5G leadership award and the best network security innovation award. The 5G leadership award is given to a company that led changes brought by 5G this year. In particular, KT won the 5G leadership award for two consecutive years.

KT won the best network security innovation award for its Giga Stealth, a blockchain-based IoT security solution. Giga Stealth is based on IP invisible technology that thwarts hacking attempts by blocking the IP address exposure of IoT devices and intelligent technology on network access control based on blockchain authentication.