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Another Glitch Found on Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S10
Newly Released Patch Leaves Users Unable to Unlock Devices
Another Glitch Found on Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S10
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • October 31, 2019, 10:17
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Following a fingerprint recognition flaw, another glitch has been found in user authentication on Samsung Electronics' flagship smartphone Galaxy S10.

Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 smartphones have recently been found to have a flaw in its fingerprint recognition system. Soon after that, yet another glitch has been found in user authentication, which is a key feature of smartphones.

Users of the Galaxy S10 reported that when they update its operating system, Android 10 beta program, they are unable to unlock their device. According to industry sources on Oct. 30, users are not able to unlock the lock screen after installing a firmware through the beta update that the company has recently released. Unable to unlock their devices, users fail to get access to the information stored on the phone. Another problem is that the smartphones in question do not get unlocked even by rebooting, as well as they do not roll back (go back to before being updated) even with initialization.

Samsung Electronics said in a statement on Oct. 29 that with GPS on, specific files continue to be created and stored in a secure storage. Thus, the region fills up over time, eventually blocking access to the unlock-related information stored there. The firm also added that a repeatedly occurring “CP crash” afterwards makes it impossible for the phones to function properly.

The tech giant temporally stopped releasing its second beta update and started to issue a hotfix (for urgent fixes) from Oct. 29. The hotfix is automatically installed with power on.

The Galaxy Note 10 beta program has been released since Oct. 28. However, when KT SIM cards are used on the unlocked phones, it has been found that phone calls are not received. Following the fingerprint authentication problem, the unlock glitch happened during updates of beta programs, triggering widespread discontent among customers.

Industry watchers point out that Samsung Electronics is slack in responding to the glitch issue. “It is a serious problem that the errors happen with basic functions of smartphones on a beta program which is available for anyone who applies, not “a closed beta” which is available for a limited number of users.”

An industry official said, “I don’t understand how such an unlock flaw can happen again soon after the fingerprint recognition error.” He added, “I think this critical issue happens as the Android ecosystem allows the release of versions without requiring permission if it only accepts the conditions demanded by Google for installing beta programs.”

“Unexpected flaws can happen as informed when users apply a beta program, and the glitches in question are scheduled to be reflected in later versions, said a Samsung official.