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Naver to Build World's First Robot-Friendly Building
For Coexistence of People and Robots
Naver to Build World's First Robot-Friendly Building
  • By Michael Herh
  • October 29, 2019, 10:22
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A concept of the world's first robot-friendly building to be built by Naver

Naver has unveiled a plan to build the world's first robot-friendly building.

“We have made a bold decision for the coexistence of people and robots,” Naver Labs CEO Seok Sang-ok said while announcing the Second HQ Building 1784 project at DEVIEW 2019, the biggest developer conference in Korea held in Gangnam, Seoul on Oct. 28.

Naver’s second main office building will be a “tech convergence building” that combines future technologies such as robotics, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud computing. It is currently being built next to Green Factory, Naver’s main office building in Seongnam of Gyeonggi Province.

"We want to show the true first generation of service robots like the iPhone in the smartphone world and Tesla in the electric car industry," Seok emphasized.

The second headquarters building will feature robot autonomous driving, 5G brainless robots linked to cloud platforms, 0.1-second face recognition and paths exclusively for robots and sensor systems.

Naver also introduced the ALT platform, a self-driving robot platform, in the developer conference. The platform allows a robot to function for users’ purposes such as carrying out unmanned delivery services and working at manless shops. “We will expand robots’ service areas from the inside of the building to the outside space by using a robot platform that can make robots autonomously run on a road, going beyond working inside the building,” Naver said. The ALT platform will begin a pilot test next year.