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LG U+ Discusses 5G Commercialization Strategy with China Telecom
Sharing 5G Know-how with China Telecom
LG U+ Discusses 5G Commercialization Strategy with China Telecom
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • October 28, 2019, 12:13
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Key executives of China Telecom including vice-president Liu Guiqing (second from left) pose for a photo shoot after discussing 5G commercialization in China with Choi Taek-jin (third from left), head of the NW Division at LG U+, in the LG U+ Magok Building in Seoul.

LG U+ announced on Oct. 25 that it has started in-depth discussions on 5G commercialization in China with China Telecom, with which it concluded a comprehensive strategic alliance on Oct. 17.

The company said that it held discussions with key officials of China Telecom, including vice president Liu Kui-ching, at its Magok office in Seoul.

LG U+ shared the state of its network construction and strategy for 5G commercialization. It also explained its network operation and optimization after commercialization, and a future evolution plan for 5G networks.

China Telecom is currently building a 5G network in major cities such as Beijing and Shanghai under its “Hello 5G” plan.

This was the first visit since LG U+ and China Telecom agreed to cooperate in all directions in the field of 5G communications. China Telecom executives visited LG U+ in August to learn about the company’s 5G services and networks.