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SK Telecom to Transfer Korean 5G Technology to the Philippines
Exporting Korea's 5G Expertise
SK Telecom to Transfer Korean 5G Technology to the Philippines
  • By Michael Herh
  • October 28, 2019, 11:57
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Thomas Aquino (left), chairman of Now Corp., Shim Sang-soo (center), head of SK Telecom Infrabiz, and Mel Velarde, chairman of Now Telecom pose for a commemorative photo shoot after signing a 5G partnership agreement.

SK Telecom will transfer Korea's 5G commercialization technology to the Philippines.

SK Telecom announced on Oct. 27 that it signed a 5G cooperative partnership with Now Corp. and Now Telecom of the Philippines in Manila on Oct. 24. Based in Manila, Now Corp. provides high-speed internet, IPTV, software services, and B2B solutions.

The company’s subsidiary Now Telecom is expanding its business into the mobile communications sector. Now Telecom is a nationwide wired and wireless telecommunications service provider in the Philippines. It is pushing forward with the commercialization of the 5G-based internet.

As a strategic partner, SK Telecom will provide technology consulting to Now Telecom throughout the 5G commercialization process and provide B2B solutions such as in-building solutions and enterprise network.

SK Telecom will draw up a 5G service and technology roadmap and an infrastructure design, and provide 5G core technology education in the Philippines by the first half of next year. After that, the mobile carrier will build 5G standalone-based commercial infrastructure, provide in-building solutions and develop 5G B2B services.

SK Telecom and Now Corp. will draw up a 5G commercialization plan within the year and fix the scope of consulting based on it.