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KOGAS Holds Working Group Meeting with Gazprom of Russia
To Strengthen Cooperation in Natural Gas Sector
KOGAS Holds Working Group Meeting with Gazprom of Russia
  • By Michael Herh
  • October 23, 2019, 14:16
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Participants pose for a meeting at the KOGAS-Gazprom Science and Technology Cooperation Working Group meeting at Oakwood Hotel in Incheon on Oct. 22.

Korea Gas Corp. (KOGAS) held a working group meeting with Gazprom, the world's largest energy company based in Russia, at Oakwood Hotel, Incheon on Oct. 22.

About 60 officials from the two companies attended the event, including Choi Yang-mi, head of the Technology Business Division at KOGAS and Lee Sung-min, head of the Gas Research Institute of KOGAS.

The two companies hold a meeting of the Science and Technology Cooperation Subcommittee every year with their researchers making presentations on topics of common interest.

This time, the working group explored 18 topics including resources exploration and development, LNG liquefaction, LNG bunkering, hydrogen storage and transportation, piping methods and anti-corrosion techniques. In particular, participants shared information on fundamental new technologies such as hydrogen storage, a common matter of interest among them apart from resources development technology and long-distance natural gas supply technology where the two companies have technological advantages.

KOGAS is accelerating international cooperation and technology development in line with the importance of natural gas growing in the global energy market these days.

KOGAS has been actively carrying out exchanges with Gazprom since 2003 when the two companies signed a business agreement for cooperation in the field of science and technology.

In September, KOGAS extended an LNG business cooperation agreement signed with Gazprom in December 2016. The agreement was scheduled to come to an end in December 2019.