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Daewoo E&C Wins US$86 Mil. Prefabrication Yard Construction Project in Iraq
Part of Al Faw Port Development Project
Daewoo E&C Wins US$86 Mil. Prefabrication Yard Construction Project in Iraq
  • By Michael Herh
  • October 22, 2019, 10:43
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Kim Hyung (third from left), president of Daewoo E&C, and Safaa Al-Fayyadh (second from left), president of the Iraqi Port Authority hold the contract on the construction of a prefabrication yard of Khor Al Zubair Immersed Tunnel in Iraq during a signing ceremony.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction (Daewoo E&C) has won a US$86 million order for the construction of a prefabrication yard of an immersed tunnel in Khor Al Zubair, southern Iraq.

The builder announced on Oct. 21 (local time) that Safaa Al-Fayyadh, president of Port Authority and Kim Hyung, president of Daewoo E&C signed a contract on the project at the Iraqi Port Authority Building in Basra, Iraq.

The project is part of infrastructure construction for the new port project in Al Faw, Basra in southern Iraq. Daewoo E&C will build a prefabrication yard for an immersed tunnel connecting Umm Qasr and Al Faw in Iraq. It will take 20 months to complete the prefabrication yard.

The Iraqi government plans to develop Al Faw New Port, the only deep-sea port of Iraq, into one of the world's 12 largest ports by connecting it with Turkey and railroads in neighboring countries. A part of the plan is the construction of Khor Al Zubair Immersed Tunnel. The prefabrication yard constitutes the first package of the immersed tunnel project.

“The Iraqi government initially planned to build bridges and roads to connect Umm Kars and Al Faw,” a Daewoo E&C official said. “But military and security reasons forced them to change the plan to build an immersed tunnel as they appreciated Daewoo E&C’s construction ability. The Iraqi government is expected to place the main construction work as a follow-up package in the future. The main construction work will build a 2km-long tunnel by connecting the structure built on land on the seabed (up to 16 meters deep).

Daewoo E&C has secured high technology as it successfully built Immersed Tunnel of Geoga Bridge in Korea for the first time in the open sea in the world by overcoming bad conditions such as the longest depth, the longest element and the ultra-soft ground under the sea. Accordingly, the builder is expected to land the main work to be ordered next year.

Meanwhile, Daewoo E&C president Kim Hyung directly took care of activities to land the order for the immersed tunnel in Iraq. In addition, the contractor won the fourth order this year in Iraq alone as it won orders for the construction of an additional breakwater (March), the first phase construction of a container terminal (April) and the construction of an access road (August). Its total contracts amounted to US$460 million.