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KT Provides AI-based Hotel Services in the Philippines
In Partnership with Hong Kong's MVI
KT Provides AI-based Hotel Services in the Philippines
  • By Michael Herh
  • October 21, 2019, 11:52
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Bae Chul-ki (left), managing director of global business development at KT, shakes hands with and Anke Gill, CEO of MVI after signing a contract.

KT Corp. announced on Oct. 20 that it has signed a cooperation agreement with MVI of Hong Kong to enter the global artificial intelligence (AI)-based hotel business.

MVI is a Hong Kong operator providing IPTV services to hotel chains in 18 major Asian and Middle Eastern countries including Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines.

The two companies have created Genie Cube, a joint platform that integrates MVI's hotel IPTV services with KT's AI hotel service Giga Genie Hotel. The platform allows customers to control all functions in their hotel rooms, such as controlling lighting in rooms, listening to music, requesting room supplies, checking hotel facility information, controlling IPTV services, and confirming checkout information, by touching the screen and voice commands.

Genie Cube is installed in servers of hotels to solve the problem of slow responses to voice commands due to slow internet speed when AI hotel services are provided based on cloud computing.

KT and MVI will tentatively apply Genie Cube to MVI’s client hotels in the Philippines next month. The two companies will continue to promote joint marketing to rapidly expand the global AI hotel business to MVI’s client hotels in Singapore, Dubai and Guam.

KT upgraded cable TV services to MVI's IPTV services by applying Giga Wire Solution that provides giga-grade internet service speed using existing coaxial cables to tentatively apply Genie Cube to the hotels.