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Samsung to Release Patch for Galaxy Fingerprint Flaw This Week
Users Advised to Stop Using Fingerprint Authentication
Samsung to Release Patch for Galaxy Fingerprint Flaw This Week
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • October 21, 2019, 09:21
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Samsung Electronics will release a fix for the fingerprint recognition flaw of its devices this week.

Samsung Electronics will release a software patch to address a flaw with fingerprint recognition sensors on its devices this week. Nevertheless, most banks and credit card companies made an official statement requesting users of the Galaxy S10 series and Galaxy Note10 series to turn off the fingerprint scanner and instead use different authentication options.

Earlier, Galaxy S10 and Note10 devices were found to be unlocked by anyone’s fingerprints when a silicone cover was applied. This led to growing security concerns for Galaxy users. Especially when a silicone cover is attached, the galaxy devices could be unlocked not only by unregistered fingerprints but also by anything else.

In response to the growing anxieties, the banking industry acted swiftly. Banks and credit card companies informed their customers of the malfunctioning fingerprint recognition sensors of the Galaxy S10 and Note10 smartphones. They recommended users of the devices to stop using fingerprint recognition function until the problem is fixed. The Financial Supervisory Service is also stepping up its monitoring of the situation.

Samsung announced that it will release a software patch to fix the flaw by early this week. The company said on Oct. 18, “We will issue a software update to solve the recent problem with the fingerprint sensor early next week.” According to the tech giant, when a silicone phone cover is used, patterns of some silicone covers are recognized along with fingerprints and thus unlocking the phone.

Samsung said, “To avoid possible problems with the recognition sensor, those who get a silicone phone cover attached on the front should re-register their fingerprints after removing it.” The company also added, “We ask users to stop using silicone covers until we roll out a software patch.” It advised users to place the entire finger including its center on the sensor when registering a fingerprint.

The devices which need a software update include the Galaxy Note10/Note10+ and the Galaxy S10/S10+/S10+ 5G.