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Hyosung Corp. to Showcase World-class PP Technology in K-Fair in Germany
A Global Leader in Polypropylene Technology
Hyosung Corp. to Showcase World-class PP Technology in K-Fair in Germany
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • October 18, 2019, 13:35
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Hyosung Corp. showcases polypropylene (PP) in the “K-Fair” which is held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Hyosung Corp. will showcase its world-class polypropylene (PP) technology at K-Fair 2019, the world's No.1 trade fair for plastics and rubber which is held in Dusseldorf, Germany until Oct. 23 (local time).

The trade fair started in 1952 and is held every three years. Hyosung participates in the event for the first time. In this exhibition, Hyosung will actively promote R200P for PP-R pipes in the global plastic market with a focus on Europe, and carry out marketing activities to expand its market share in the world PP material market for cold and hot water pipes and transparent containers.

Since 1998, Hyosung has been supplying R200P, the first product for PP-R pipes, to overseas pipe manufacturers. Hyosung's proprietary dehydrogenation (DH) process integrates the whole production system from raw material propylene to PP, allowing the company to supply products stably.

In particular, Hyosung's PP for transparent containers has high transparency and strong durability that allow consumers to check on contents in containers and their freshness, and can satisfy picky European consumers by obtaining a food contact safety certificate by not adding harmful phthalates to the PP.

An international trade statistics map of the World Trade Organization's International Trade Center (ITC) shows that Germany's imports of raw materials for PP amounted to 1.89 million tons (US$3.3 billion) in 2018, ranking Germany second after China in the world and first in Europe in the PP import standings. In 2018, China recorded about 5.02 million tons worth US$7 billion in PP imports.

Hyosung is concentrating on securing future growth engines to grow into a leading material company by investing 1 trillion won in carbon fiber, a high value-added material, by 2028. Hyosung's investment aims to raise Korea’s status as a material powerhouse by achieving a double-digit share in the carbon fiber market dominated by the United States and Japan.