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Both Stock and Bond Funds Post Positive Weekly Returns
Public Fund Balance Gains 7.2 Tril. Won in 1 Week
Both Stock and Bond Funds Post Positive Weekly Returns
  • By Yoon Young-sil
  • October 16, 2019, 09:16
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Stock and bond funds posted a positive weekly return of 0.38 percent and 0.09 percent, respectively, as of the morning of Oct. 11.

Stock funds in South Korea posted a weekly return of 0.38 percent as of the morning of Oct. 11. Specifically, the K200 Index, dividend, non-large cap, and general stock funds recorded positive 0.1 percent, negative 0.67 percent, negative 0.49 percent, and negative 0.27 percent, respectively.

During the one-week period, the local bond market was steady with an upward tendency. The bond yield fell at the beginning with the Federal Reserve predicted to cut interest rates and political uncertainties mounting in Hong Kong, but the yield rebounded based on news about a low U.S. unemployment rate and expectations for a small deal between the United States and China.

The one-year and three-year treasury bond rates fell 1.9 basis points and 2.2 basis points to 1.261 percent and 1.275 percent, respectively. The five- and 10-year fell 2.5 basis points and 3.7 basis points to 1.34 percent and 1.46 percent, respectively.

Local bond funds recorded a rate of return of 0.09 percent in that week. Mid-term, premium, general, and ultra-short-term bond funds rose 0.18 percent, 0.13 percent, 0.08 percent, and 0.04 percent. On the other hand, overseas stock funds fell 0.07 percent with those investing in Europe and the energy sector falling 1.85 percent and 3.11 percent, respectively.

Commodity funds rose 0.62 percent and overseas real estate funds posted a return of 0.34 percent. Balanced overseas stock funds, balanced overseas bond funds, and overseas bond funds lost 0.5 percent, 0.24 percent, and 0.05 percent, respectively.

The public fund balance increased 7,212.4 billion won in one week to 207,976.9 billion won with the net asset increasing 7,593.4 billion won to 211,026 billion won. The stock fund balance edged up 0.2 billion won to 29,808 billion won while the net asset decreased by 8.9 billion won to 26,557.3 billion won. The bond fund balance and net asset respectively decreased 127.1 billion won and 111.6 billion won to 27,648.8 billion won and 28,808.7 billion won. The balance of real estate funds showed no change and that of money market funds increased by 7,319.7 billion won.