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Dual-screen Devices Becoming Mainstream
Laptops, Tablets with 2 Screens
Dual-screen Devices Becoming Mainstream
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • October 15, 2019, 09:00
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MS Surface Neo

Laptop manufacturers are launching new form factors one after another. For example, Asus recently released the ZenBook Pro Duo, which has a touch screen on its keyboard panel. Microsoft is about to release the Surface Duo.

The Surface Duo was unveiled on Oct. 2 along with several Surface smartphones and tablet PCs. The Android device that has two touch screens is 5.6 inches in size when the screens are laid on each other and the size can be increased to 8.3 inches. Although its release date is yet to be determined, it is expected to debut within one year.

It is likely to be between the LG V50S and the Samsung Galaxy Fold in terms of size and utilization. The Samsung Galaxy Fold is 7.3 inches when unfolded. Although the Surface Duo has the form of a tablet PC, it has two connected screens instead of one foldable screen. It has the same number of screens as the LG V50S but is quite larger than that.

The dual screens of the LG V50S are in the form of a flip case and can be attached to and detached from each other. The two screens can be used either for different applications to be run at the same time or for the same application to be run on both. The attached screen shares the battery of the main unit and thus does not have to be charged separately.