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Samsung SDS Selected as Korea's Representative Blockchain Operator
Nexledger: an Enterprise Blockchain Platform
Samsung SDS Selected as Korea's Representative Blockchain Operator
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • October 10, 2019, 10:34
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Samsung SDS' blockchain platform Nexledger

Samsung SDS announced on Oct. 9 that it has been named as Korea’s representative blockchain operator by Forrester, a global information technology (IT) advisory group.

Forrester picked out Korea's Samsung SDS, China's JD Cloud, Japan's NTT Data, and Thailand's IBM as the representative blockchain company of each country and introduced their application cases.

Samsung SDS is pushing for blockchain-based businesses in the finance, logistics, manufacturing and public sectors based on its enterprise blockchain platform Nexledger. The company has various blockchain cases ranging from consulting to actual applications.

Forrester introduced the Bank Sign service of the Korea Federation of Banks, which was built based on Samsung SDS' blockchain platform Nexledger, as a good example of the expansion of an blockchain ecosystem. Bank Sign is a blockchain-based authentication service in the banking industry that provides safer and more convenient electronic financial transaction services.

Samsung SDS also applied blockchain technology to export customs clearance and logistics services offered by the Korea Customs Service. This service allows export agencies and companies to quickly share generated documents at each stage from customs declaration of export goods to final delivery.

In addition, Samsung SDS developed DELIVER, a blockchain trade initiative, with ABN Amro, one of the three largest banks in the Netherlands, and the Rotterdam Port Authority to connect different blockchain networks such as Nexledger, Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum.

In the manufacturing field, Nexledger was applied to Samsung SDI's global smart contract system, building a transparent and standardized global electronic contract management system.

Moreover, Samsung SDS is planning to introduce an automatic billing service that allows patients to submit medical data for claims without complicated application processes by forming a consortium with medical institutions, insurers, and digital healthcare companies.

These various cases brought Samsung SDS an honor of being selected as a major global blockchain company by Gartner in August.