Tuesday, March 31, 2020
KCFT Begins Industry's First Mass Production of 4-μm Copper Foil for EV Batteries
SKC Set to Acquire KCFT
KCFT Begins Industry's First Mass Production of 4-μm Copper Foil for EV Batteries
  • By Michael Herh
  • October 8, 2019, 10:56
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KCF Technologies (KCFT) has become the industry's first company to mass produce 4-micrometer (μm) copper foil for electric vehicle (EV) batteries.

KCF Technologies (KCFT), a Korean copper foil supplier which will be soon taken over by SKC of SK Group, has begun mass production of 4-micrometer (μm) copper foil for electric vehicle (EV) batteries, becoming the industry’s first company to achieve the milestone.

KCFT announced on Oct. 7 that it mass-produced a 30 km-long and 1,400 mm-wide "mother roll" that can be used to produce ultra-thin battery copper foil, which is as thin as one thirtieth of human hair. Copper foil is a thin film made of copper and is a key material for secondary batteries.

In particular, KCFT expects that the new product can be applied to batteries for drones, which require lighter batteries.

The foil’s width of 1,400 mm is optimized to meet various demands from customers. It can meet the demands of EV battery makers for relatively wide copper foil and those of smartphone producers for narrow copper foil. “When our fourth plant goes into operation in January next year, our production volume will climb to 30,000 tons. Then we will be able to scale up our supply to all of our customers,” said Kim Young-tae, CEO of KCFT.

SKC is expected to step up efforts to raise funds to complete the acquisition of KCFT within this year. SKC intends to foster copper foil as a future growth engine, It announced in June that it would acquire all KCFT shares for 1.2 trillion won. Earlier, SKC sold 49-percent equities in its chemical business to Kuwait's petrochemical company PIC in order to secure acquisition funds, many industry watchers said.