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Samsung Electronics Releases New SSD Products Harnessing New Technologies
A ‘Super-gap’ Strategy
Samsung Electronics Releases New SSD Products Harnessing New Technologies
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • September 30, 2019, 10:47
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PM1733, an ultra-high capacity SSD from Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics announced on Sept. 19 that it has released 19 new SSD products in the PM 1733 and PM1735 series that are based on the “PCIe Gen4” environment powered by three new technologies. SSDs store data several times faster than hard disk drives (HDDs). With a global market share of 36.6 percent in terms of sales, Samsung Electronics ranked No. 1 in the global SSD market last year, enjoying a wide gap with Intel (13.2 percent).

In August, Samsung began volume production of these product groups with capacities ranging from 0.8 terabytes (TB) to 30.72 TB. The PM1735 SSD with a 12.8 TB capacity is capable of delivering the highest-ever reading and writing speeds of 8 GB/sec and 3.8 GB/ sec. Samsung gives five-year warranties for the products even if they become full three times a day every day.

The SSD industry is paying attention to the three new technologies applied to these new products. The newly applied technologies include “FIP (Fail-in-Place)” which solves problems even when errors occur to NAND flashes, SSD virtualization that provides virtual separate space for each user, and V NAND machine learning that makes out data with big data during high-speed operations.

Harnessing these three new technologies, Samsung Electronics is seeking to solidify its grip on the enterprise SSD market. The company is pursuing a “super gap strategy” to cement its market leadership with overwhelming technology.