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Hyundai Motor Enters Hydrogen-powered Commercial Vehicle Market in Europe
Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility Launched in Switzerland
Hyundai Motor Enters Hydrogen-powered Commercial Vehicle Market in Europe
  • By Michael Herh
  • September 27, 2019, 09:43
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Officials of Hyundai Motor and H2E pose for a commemorative photo shoot in a launching ceremony for Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM).

Hyundai Motor has launched Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility (HHM) in Switzerland to supply its hydrogen-powered trucks to Europe.

HHM is a joint venture with H2E, a hydrogen energy company in Switzerland with expertise in hydrogen production and supply. H2E is in charge of business development and implementation for the Swiss Hydrogen Mobility Association launched in May last year.

A launching ceremony for HMM was held at Alpiq Hydroelectric Power Plant in Gosgen, Switzerland on Sept. 25 (local time).

Hyundai signed an MOU with H2E in September last year, and an agreement to establish HHM as a joint venture in April to expand the supply of hydrogen electric heavy trucks to Europe. Through this joint venture, Hyundai will supply a total of 1,600 large-size hydrogen electric trucks to HHM every year until 2025.

HHM aims to supply Hyundai's large-scale hydrogen electric trucks to customers in Switzerland, and expand its hydrogen-based business. In addition, the company plans to target the European eco-friendly commercial vehicle market by forging partnerships with European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Norway after Switzerland.

The Gosgen hydroelectric power plant is scheduled to begin the production of hydrogen through hydropower generation at the end of this year. It is the first commercial hydrogen production plant in Switzerland and will produce hydrogen for Hyundai's heavy-duty trucks.

Through the establishment of the joint venture, Hyundai Motor plans to lay the groundwork for penetrating the European eco-commercial commercial vehicle market, and expand its hydrogen vehicle leadership to the commercial vehicle sector. The large hydrogen truck currently under development is aiming for running about 400 km on one single charge.