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Samsung Galaxy Fold to Go on Sale in U.S. on Sept. 27
Following launches in Korea and 4 Foreign Markets
Samsung Galaxy Fold to Go on Sale in U.S. on Sept. 27
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • September 26, 2019, 14:23
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Samsung Electronics’ first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold

Samsung Electronics’ first foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold will go on sale in the United States on Sept. 27. The phone was initially set to debut in April, but the launch was delayed after early tests showed it could easily break. Now, all eyes are on whether the company will be able to restore its pride with the new Galaxy Fold.

Samsung Electronics America Inc. announced on Sept. 23 (local time) that it will start selling the Galaxy Fold at the country’s largest wireless telecommunications provider AT&T Mobility stores, its largest consumer electronics retailer Best Buy stores and at Samsung Experience Store on Sept. 27. However, T-Mobile, which received pre-orders in April but had to cancel them, will not sell the new phone this time.

Samsung Electronics has now extended the screen protector of the Galaxy Fold under the bezels and put the plastic protection caps at the bottom and top of the hinges. As a result, it has proven durability after some popular YouTubers dropped the device from heights several times, scattered sand and used a lighter to expose the monitor to the heat.

The Galaxy Fold has been sold out after the device was released in South Korea on Sept. 6 and four other countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Singapore, on Sept. 18. In particular, consumers are willing to pay a premium from hundreds of thousands of won to 1 million won (US$834) to get it, though it has a price tag of 2,398,000 won (US$2,000).

Market experts believe that the Galaxy Fold will also be sold out early in the United States as the device is in limited supply and attracts much attention from consumers. The price of the Galaxy Fold has already been set up from US$2,400 to 4,000 (2.87 million won to 4.78 million won) on eBay, which is higher than the factory price of US$1,980 (2.36 million won).