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Korean and Japanese Entrepreneurs Call for Dialogue between Seoul and Tokyo Governments
'Political Dispute Should Not Be Allowed to Hurt Economic Ties'
Korean and Japanese Entrepreneurs Call for Dialogue between Seoul and Tokyo Governments
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • September 26, 2019, 09:08
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Korea Employers Federation Chairman Sohn Kyung-shik (right) delivers a keynote address at the 51st Korea-Japan Business Conference, which was attended by Japan-Korea Economic Association Chairman Mikio Sasaki (left), Korea-Japan Economic Association Chairman Kim Yoon (middle), and many more business leaders from the two countries.

The Korea-Japan Economic Association and the Japan-Korea Economic Association finished their 51st conference and released a joint statement in Seoul on Sept. 24. The meeting was attended by 203 South Korean and 106 Japanese entrepreneurs.

“We express serious concerns over the fact that the reciprocal economic relations between the two countries are at risk,” the associations said in their statement, adding, “We ask the South Korean and Japanese governments to take political and diplomatic measures so that their political and diplomatic relations do not disrupt economic cooperation between Japanese and South Korean enterprises.”

In addition, the entrepreneurs agreed to work with each other for continuous collaboration in third countries, cooperation related to employment and human resources development, more economic, cultural and personnel exchange, cooperation infrastructure reconstruction based on amicability, and successful Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

During their two-day meeting, the entrepreneurs discussed various possible solutions to the ongoing trade disputes between the two countries. Japan Research Institute senior researcher Hidehiko Mukoyama proposed more bilateral cooperation in third countries as a solution and Nongshim outside director Lee Woo-kwang said that Vietnam is suitable for such cooperation in that both countries are investing much in the country.