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AI Startup 42Maru Searching for Outstanding Talent
A Startup Specializing in Question Answering AI
AI Startup 42Maru Searching for Outstanding Talent
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • September 19, 2019, 17:46
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AI startup 42Maru is looking for outstanding global talent.

42Maru, a startup specializing in question answering (QA) artificial intelligence is searching for outstanding global talent.

The company has attended the "2019 Foreign Employment Fair" held at the COEX, Seoul.

Along with this employment fair, 42Maru will also participate in the “11th International Student Employment Fair” to be held at the COEX on Oct. 1-2 to recruit global talent. The company has job openings in diverse areas including engineering, planning, sales and marketing. It is hiring talent to expand its overseas business.

42Maru provides the "Deep Semantic QA Platform" for the automotive, finance and telecom industries. Its platform is based on a technology that accurately understands a question and delivers a single correct answer from a large unstructured data set.

The company's QA system consists of a number of deep learning engines, including a “natural language understanding (NLU) engine,” a “paraphrasing engine” that detects and extends similar expressions, and a machine reading comprehension (MRC) engine.

42Maru is targeting the global market with the Deep Semantic QA Platform. The company received an investment from Techstars last year, which recognized its outstanding technology. It is planning to establish a subsidiary in Britain this year to accelerate its expansion in Europe. It also participated in the IFA 2019 Berlin that was held recently.

"42Maru is a company that was originally established to target the global market. We have employees from various countries such as Britain, Germany and France to facilitate our global expansion" said D.K. Donghwan Kim, CEO of 42Maru.

"42Maru has recently hired an HR professional to systematically support and nurture employees with outstanding talent. Joining 42Maru will be a great opportunity for people with talent to grow," he added.