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CJ Healthcare to Supply GERD Drug to Indonesia’s Kalbe Farma
CJ's GERD Drug K-CAB Exported to 21 Countries
CJ Healthcare to Supply GERD Drug to Indonesia’s Kalbe Farma
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • September 19, 2019, 10:54
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Kang Seok-hee (left), CEO of CJ Healthcare poses for a photo with a representative of Kalbe Farma after signing a deal to exclusively supply K-CAB to the Indonesian company.

CJ Healthcare announced on Sept. 18 that it has signed an agreement with Indonesian drug company Kalbe Farma to supply K-CAB (the ingredient name Tegoprazan), a new drug for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

Under the agreement, CJ Healthcare will supply K-CAB to Kalbe Farma for five years after receiving approval from the Indonesian government. The drug is expected to go on sale in Indonesia in 2022.

According to CJ Healthcare, Kalbe Farma has become the sole distributor of K-CAB tablets in Indonesia. It is the number one pharmaceutical company in Southeast Asia and Indonesia. In 2017, it posted 1.5 trillion won in sales.

"With this agreement, K-CAB has entered a total of 21 countries including China, Vietnam, 17 Latin America countries, and Indonesia," said Kang Seok-hee, CEO of CJ Healthcare. “We hope that K-CAB will become a hit product in the global market.”

K-CAB is a GERD drug that was approved as the 30th new Korean drug by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in July of 2018. It can be taken regardless of meal time, and blocks gastric acid secretion within one hour after it entered the human body system.

This product hit the shelves in Korea in March.

In the meantime, GERD is a disease that causes the inflammation of the esophageal mucosa as gastric acid stays in the stomach and regurgitates from it.