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The Galaxy Note 10 Surpasses 1 Million Units in Sales in Shortest Period
Differentiated Design Is a Unique Selling Point
The Galaxy Note 10 Surpasses 1 Million Units in Sales in Shortest Period
  • By Michael Herh
  • September 18, 2019, 13:20
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SK Telecom models publicize its 5G services in front of a Galaxy Note 10 Experience Trailer.

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy Note 10 has surpassed 1 million units in sales in the shortest period among the Galaxy brand phones.

Samsung Electronics announced on Sept. 17 that domestic sales of the Galaxy Note 10, which was launched on Aug. 23, achieved the 1 million milestone on Sept. 16.

"The Galaxy Note 10 broke through the milestone in 25 days since its launch, the shortest period among the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of phones combined," a Samsung official said. "The Galaxy Note 10 has been selling more than twice as fast as the previous version (the Galaxy Note 9)."

The previous record was set by the Galaxy S8 released in 2017 which exceeded one million units in 37 days since its launch. It was followed by the Galaxy S2 (40 days), the Galaxy S10 (47 days), the Galaxy Note 8 (49 days), and the Galaxy Note 9 (53 days).

The Galaxy Note 10 is the first Galaxy Note phone that comes in two models –- the General model and the Plus model. In particular, its differentiated design is regarded as a unique selling point. Pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 10 reached 1.3 million units, more than double those for the previous model.

The Galaxy Note 10 Plus model accounts for 63 percent of the sales, with the Galaxy Note 10 General model taking up the remaining 37 percent. In particular, with the launch of the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 10, the proportion of female customers who bought the Galaxy Note 10 grew by about 10 percentage points to 40 percent compared the previous model. The proportion of customers in their 20s also rose by 5 percentage points to about 20 percent.