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SK Telecom CEO Unveils New Vision of Management
A Vision Based on 5G, Global Partnerships, New ICT
SK Telecom CEO Unveils New Vision of Management
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • September 6, 2019, 11:03
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Park Jung-ho, president of SK Telecom, sketches out a new vision of management at a seminar for analysts on Sept. 5.

SK Telecom has presented a new vision based on three key initiatives – expansion of the 5G business models, strengthening global partnerships and transformation into a unique ICT synergy company.

The new vision was unveiled by the company’s president Park Jung-ho at an analyst seminar held at the Annex Hotel on Jeju Island on Sep. 5. It was the first time that Park made a presentation on the company’s future vision for analysts.

SK Telecom is expanding its business models in accordance with Park's management philosophies. It has expanded into cloud games, AR and VR services, smart factories and 5G clusters based on the world's best 5G mobile communication technology.

The company has also been active in forging alliances with global ICT players, including Microsoft for  cloud games, Sinclair-Harman for ATSC 3.0 broadcast solutions, Deutsche Telecom for technological cooperation and Comcast for e-sports joint venture, Park explained.

With respect to SK Telecom’s change into a new ICT synergy company, the initiative has been put on the right track as this year's consolidated revenue rose after its business portfolio was reorganized into the AI, data analytics-based mobile network operator (MNO), media, security and commerce businesses.

As key management achievements of his three-year management, Park mentioned taking first place in 5G market shares, a rebound in wireless sales in the first half of this year, the launch of an over the top (OTT) service that integrated Pooq and Oksusu, a merger between SK Broadband and T-Broad and posting one trillion won in sales in the security service business for the first time by incorporating ADT Caps and SK Infosec and 11st’s operating income in the first half of this year.