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Daewoo E&C Lands US$70 Mil. Road Construction Project in Iraq
The Third Iraqi Project Won This Year
Daewoo E&C Lands US$70 Mil. Road Construction Project in Iraq
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • September 3, 2019, 11:39
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A view of the Al Faw New Port construction site in Iraq

Daewoo Engineering & Construction announced on Sept. 2 that it has won a US$70.35 million order to build a road in Al Faw in southern Basra, Iraq. This is the third Iraqi project won by the Korean builder this year, following the first phase of the Al Faw New Port Container Terminal project and an addition work for a breakwater in Al Faw New Port.

The latest project was ordered by the Iraqi Port Authority. Daewoo E&C will build an access road with a total length of 14.6 km to connect current roads and new roads in Al Faw New Port, which is created in Basra in southern Iraq. It will take 19 months to build the road.

On Aug. 29, Aziz Hashim, president of the Iraqi Port Authority, and Park Chul-ho, head of the Daewoo E&C office in Al Faw, signed a contract on the road project at the Iraqi Port Authority office in Basra Province.

In Iraq, large-scale investment in power generation and petrochemical facilities and infrastructure will continue as part of the nation’s post-war reconstruction projects.

The Al Faw New Port Development project is a large-scale project to develop a port for Basra State, which is the only region in Iraq that borders the sea. The Iraqi government plans to develop Al Faw Port into the world's 12 largest ports by linking it with Turkey and other nearby countries.