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LG Electronics to Repair Defective Dryers Free of Charge
At the Recommendations of Korea Consumer Agency
LG Electronics to Repair Defective Dryers Free of Charge
  • By Michael Herh
  • September 2, 2019, 14:18
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The Tromm Dual Inverter Heat Pump Dryer from LG Electronics

LG Electronics has decided to repair free of charge all 1.45 million Tromm Dual inverter Heat Pump Dryers as an increasing number of consumers complained about their malfunctioning condensers and stench.

"We have verified how to use the dryer more conveniently and will faithfully implement corrective recommendations issued by the Korea Consumer Agency," LG Electronics said on Aug. 29.

The Korea Consumer Agency ordered LG Electronics to repair free of charge the 1.45 million Trom dryers that have been sold since April 2016. The agency issued the order after inspecting the dryer at 50 households last month.

The LG dryers are supposed to clean their condensers automatically, but this function did not work in many products. A condenser is a key component in a dryer as it removes moisture from laundry. Due to the condenser malfunction, dust accumulated in the condenser, preventing air circulation and causing a stench inside the machine.

To address the complaints, LG announced in July that it would provide a 10-year guarantee for its dryers. The company refused to recall the defective products or refund the customers who bought them, saying that the defect has not been proved to hurt the health of consumers.

But the KCA advised LG Electronics to come up with measures to prevent the accumulation of dust on the condenser and minimize the remaining amount of condensate in the product.

LG Electronics accepted the agency’s recommendations and decided to repair all the products for free beginning on Oct. 2.