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KT Opens VR Theme Park in Malaysia
To Expand Immersive Media Business Globally
KT Opens VR Theme Park in Malaysia
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • August 30, 2019, 09:47
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Local people try out VR attractions and games at VRINITY, a VR theme park in Malaysia built by KT and IISB.

KT has built a virtual reality (VR) theme park in Malaysia in cooperation with a local company.

KT said on Aug. 29 that it opened VR theme park VRINITY at Legoland Shopping Mall in Johor, Malaysia, on Aug. 28 (local time). IISB, a local ICT company, also invested in the project.

KT opened the Shinchon branch of VRINITY in Seoul, Korea in March last year and has promoted the VR experience zone business. It applied VR content verified through KT's realistic media platform to VRINIY. The Iskandar region of Johor where VRINITY opened is close to Singapore, so it attracts many tourists from Singapore and has a high income level. Legoland Shopping Mall draws an average of 1.5 million visitors annually.

KT plans to expand its B2B business by supplying VR platform and content packages to Asian companies in such countries as Vietnam and Indonesia. It plans to use VRINITY as a global flagship store.

KT will also strengthen cooperation with small and medium-sized Korean content developers. In addition to the theme park, KT and IISB signed an agreement on Aug. 28 on cooperation in a wide range of areas, including "Super VR," a 4K wireless VR service, smart energy, smart building, and data center. They plan to expand their cooperation areas based on trust built through the VRINITY business.