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The Secret Weapons of Galaxy Note 10: Video Editing and Gaming Functions
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The Secret Weapons of Galaxy Note 10: Video Editing and Gaming Functions
  • By 비지니스코리아
  • August 29, 2019, 12:32
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A user plays a football game after connecting the Galaxy Note 10 to the game that was played on a PC through the Play Galaxy Link.
A Galaxy Note 10 user plays a football game with his smartphone that he was playing on a PC.

The Galaxy Note 10, which was recently launched by Samsung Electronics, has secret weapons -- video editing and gaming functions. Using the S Pen, a user can put a message on a video shot by himself. The Galaxy Note 10 also supports game streaming and creator-level video recording functions.

Samsung Electronics is planning to release the “PlayGalaxy Link” before long to allow users to enjoy games smoothly with the Galaxy Note 10. If you run this program on your Galaxy Note 10, you can continue to play the game you were playing on your PC.

It is like streaming a video, so you don't have to save game applications in your smartphone. You can play games using wi-fi at home and a 5G network outside. If users activate "Game Launcher," they can enjoy games while communicating with registered friends via "Discord," a text and chat app for gamers. Dedicated smartphone joysticks such as Glap Game Pad allow you to play games without having to touch the phone screens.

A more powerful feature of the Galaxy Note 10 is a screen recording function that records videos on the display of the Galaxy Note 10. You can swipe the top of the screen and select “Screen Record” to record a video on the screen. You can put your face image in real time through the front camera. Game creators can easily shoot game videos with their facial expressions with the Galaxy Note 10.

You can also use the S Pen to write messages on your videos. By selecting an image in the gallery and tap the pencil symol, you can enter the edit menu. You can adjust video length or add special effects between videos. The S Pen can be used to put messages into videos, and change playback speed and combine a video with others. The S Pen allows you to edit videos more precisely.