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SK Hynix Develops Ultra-High Speed DRAM
Sporting Industry's Highest Bandwidth
SK Hynix Develops Ultra-High Speed DRAM
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • August 13, 2019, 13:36
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SK Hynix’s HBM2E DRAM that sports the industry’s highest bandwidth

SK Hynix announced on Aug. 12 that it has developed an HBM2E DRAM, a high-bandwidth memory semiconductor that can used for artificial intelligence (AI) devices and supercomputers.

The company said its new chip sports the industry’s fastest speed. It exceeds 460 gigabytes per second (GB/s), based on 3.6 gigabits per second (Gbps) performance per pin with 1,024 data I/Os. This represents a 50 percent jump from the HBM2 DRAM the company developed a year ago.

The chipmaker developed a 16 GB memory package by vertically stacking eight 16 Gb chips using its “through-silicon via” (TSV) technology. SK Hynix will start volume production of the new chip in 2020,

The new memory product works mainly for graphics cards, supercomputers, AI semiconductors, and server semiconductors that require high-speed, high-performance memories.

SK Hynix plans to take the lead in the next-generation memory semiconductor market with the HBM2E DRAM. Its DRAM sales in the second quarter stood at US$4.26 billion, or 28.7 percent of the global market.

“SK Hynix has been leading the market based on technological competitiveness since releasing the world's first HBM DRAM in 2013,” said Jeon Jun-hyun, who is in charge of the company’s HBM business strategy. “We will start mass production of the product next year when the HBM2E market will be created. We will continue to strengthen our technological advantage in the market.”