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United States to Remain Involved in South Korea-Japan Disputes
Promoting Dialogue between Two Neighbors
United States to Remain Involved in South Korea-Japan Disputes
  • By Jung Suk-yee
  • August 9, 2019, 08:35
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Marc Knapper, acting deputy assistant secretary of state for Japan and Korea, delivers a keynote address on Aug. 7 at a Heritage Foundation seminar in Washington, D.C.

Marc Knapper, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Japan and Korea, remarked on Aug. 7 that the United States will remain involved in the ongoing trade disputes between South Korea and Japan and it is prepared to promote dialogues between the two countries. He also mentioned that some soul-searching is necessary regarding the political decisions that have impaired their bilateral relations for months, both are responsible for mending fences, and they need to come up with a creative solution.

“The United States is working with South Korea and Japan in dealing with many regional and international challenges and the three countries’ productive and constructive relations are essential for handling those challenges from North Korea, Russia and China,” he said, adding, “Russia and China recently conducted a reconnaissance flight over the East Sea and it is a direct challenge against the United States, Japan and South Korea and is an attempt to take advantage of the tension between South Korea and Japan.”

In the meantime, Scott Snyder, senior fellow for Korea studies at the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, pointed out that some of the Moon Jae-in administration’s domestic political policies have failed to sufficiently consider diplomacy and national interests, the only solution to the situation is a political solution led by South Korea and Japan, and the two countries need to remember that they are strategic partners in relation to each other.