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Samsung BioLogics Signs CMO Contract with UCB
Samsung BioLogics to Develop Drug Candidates for UCB
Samsung BioLogics Signs CMO Contract with UCB
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • August 1, 2019, 14:38
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Kim Tae-han (left), president and CEO of Samsung BioLogics poses for a photo shoot with Scott Russell, head of Partnerships & Alliances at UCB after signing a contract manufacturing organization (CDO) contract.

Samsung BioLogics announced on July 31 that it has signed a CMO contract with UCB, a global pharmaceutical company. The deal was initially announced on May 17 without disclosing the name of UCB, but both companies decided to disclose the name of the client and release a revised disclosure.

The minimum guaranteed amount of the contract is US$34 million and if Samsung BioLogics develops the client’s product, the minimum guaranteed contract will jump to US$148 million through commercial production operation.

Through this agreement, Samsung BioLogics plans to produce UCB’s candidates for drugs aimed at inhibiting the accumulation of tau protein, which is known as a key cause of central nervous system diseases and Alzheimer's disease.

UCB is a leading player in the development of new drugs in neurology and immunology, It is listed on the Brussels Stock Exchange and posted 6.6 billion euros in sales in 2018.