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LG Electronics Launches LG Pay in U.S. Market
A Convenient Smartphone Payment App
LG Electronics Launches LG Pay in U.S. Market
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • July 24, 2019, 13:48
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A U.S. consumer pays through LG Pay loaded onto his LG Smartphone G8 at a store.

LG Electronics has recently launched its smartphone payment application LG Pay in the U.S. market. Consumers who use LG smartphones in the United States only need to download LG Pay application from Google Play store and install it in their smartphones. LG Electronics has initially loaded the application onto the LG G8 ThinQ and plans to apply it to other models.

LG Pay supports six credit cards of Visa and Master, two major U.S. credit card companies and a variety of popular gift cards in the United States. LG Pay is a payment service that can replace plastic credit cards when you place your LG smartphone near a payment terminal. You can register up to 10 credit cards and 50 point cards, so you do not need to carry your wallet. It supports both magnetic and near field communication (NFC) payment methods.

Since launching LG Pay in Korea in 2017, LG Electronics has enhanced convenience for users by improving services, hardware and software. A check card function has also been added. LG Pay added the offline payment feature of the Cacao Bank Check Card and also made it possible for LG Pay users to withdraw money from ATMs last year.

AI enables customers to use LG Pay with voice commands. You can say "Pay through LG Pay" without turning on the application by using Q Voice or Google Assistant, both of which are voice assistant services. You can also check your card use history and check the balance of your bank account.