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SK Telecom to Build '5G Clusters' to Publicize Differentiated 5G Services
A Campaign to Attract 5G Subscribers
SK Telecom to Build '5G Clusters' to Publicize Differentiated 5G Services
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • July 19, 2019, 12:05
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A family takes a photo with a giant cat using SK Telecom’s AR Zoo Service at Olympic Park in Seoul, one of SK Telecom’s 5G clusters.

SK Telecom announced on July 18 that it would turn the nation's top 10 commercial districts, vacation areas and parks with heavy foot traffic into 5G clusters and concentrate network infrastructure and membership benefit programs on them.

This plan is intended to attract new subscribers to its 5G services by allowing people to experience its differentiated services at these clusters. It is also designed to promote development of new services.

Telecom has selected the nation’s 10 most prosperous commercial districts, 5G League of Legends (LoL) parks, AR zoos, and 5G stadiums as 5G clusters. The mobile carrier will build more 5G networks in popular commercial spots of big cities and offer unique 5G benefits and events including stamp tours. SK Telecom subscribers will be able to obtain AR discount coupons when their smartphone cameras catch restaurants on the street.

In particular, it plans to turn major parks across the nation into “AR zoos” and make them a new 5G hot spot. The company will collaborate with NBC Universal of the United States to include dinosaurs in the animals available at the AR zoos.