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SK Telecom Launches World's First 5G Roaming Service
In Cooperation with Swisscom
SK Telecom Launches World's First 5G Roaming Service
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • July 17, 2019, 13:28
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An SK Telecom official tests a 5G roaming service in Switzerland.

SK Telecom has launched the world's first 5G roaming service in cooperation with Swisscom, Switzerland's No. 1 mobile carrier.

Swisscom with about six million subscribers launched its LTE roaming service with SK Telecom for the first time in Europe in July 2013.

Swisscom launched its 5G service in Switzerland on April 17 of this year and is now offering 5G services in 110 cities including Zurich, Geneva and Bern.

Switzerland is the first country in Europe to start commercial 5G services and boasts outstanding communication technology in Europe. Switzerland has 11.23 million mobile service subscribers or 132 percent of the total population.

The two carriers have been testing a 5G roaming service since they signed a strategic partnership agreement in May.

Before SK Telecom’s 5G roaming service with Swisscom, no mobile carrier in the world has succeeded in 5G roaming services as there are not many countries in the world that offer commercial 5G services, mobile carriers around the world offer 5G services in various frequency bands, and no terminal accepts multiple frequencies.

SK Telecom will run a promotion until the end of this year that allows subscribers to the company’s 5G monthly plan to enjoy 5G roaming services at no additional cost. The mobile carrier plans to release reasonable 5G roaming plans based on an analysis of customer use patterns during the promotional period.