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Naver Partners with No. 1 SaaS Company in Southeast Asia
To Penetrate Southeast Asian Cloud Market
Naver Partners with No. 1 SaaS Company in Southeast Asia
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • July 12, 2019, 08:22
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Naver Business Platform has partnered with Deskera, a leading software developer based in Singarpore, to enter the Southeast Asian cloud market. 

Naver Business Platform (NBP) announced on July 11 that it has concluded an agreement with Deskera, the number one SaaS company in Southeast Asia.

Deskera will provide cloud-based enterprise business software solutions to Southeast Asian customers through the global legion of the Naver Cloud Platform.

Deskera is a developer of cloud-based business applications such as ERP, HRM and CRM. The company has the biggest software market share in Singapore and Malaysia with about 20,000 corporate customers.

"The collaboration with Deskera is an example of a local company embracing the Naver Cloud Platform, which can propel the platform into the global market," said Lim Tae-kun, managing director of Naver Business Platform. "We will spare no effort to help Deskera develop new services and penetrate the Southeast Asian market."

"Deskera, an ERP software developer in Singapore which ranks first in the Southeast Asian market, has high growth potential," a Naver official said. "Through the partnership, we expect the two companies to achieve a notable success in the global cloud market."