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LG U+ Transfers 5G Experience to Malaysia’s Celcom Axiata
Foreign Mobile Carriers Visiting Korea to Learn about 5G
LG U+ Transfers 5G Experience to Malaysia’s Celcom Axiata
  • By Kim Eun-jin
  • July 10, 2019, 15:17
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Idham Nawawi (second from left), CEO of Malaysian telecom operator Celcom Axiata poses for a photo shoot with LG Uplus officials at the company’s Magok Building in Seoul.

LG U+ announced on July 9 that executives of Malaysian telecom operator Celcom Axiata, including its CEO Idham Nawawi, visited the company’s Magok Building on July 8 to discuss ways for cooperation.

Established in 1988, Celcom Axiata is the oldest telecom operator in Malaysia and is considering launching 5G services in 2021. It is not the first company to visit LG Uplus for cooperation in 5G services. Before it, British Telecom, Japan’s SoftBank, Finland’s Elisa and South Africa’s Rain visited LG Uplus to take a page from its 5G playbook.

The Celcom officials were interested in LG U+'s 5G services, business models, network construction and operation strategy. In particular, they showed much interest in LG U+’s network construction strategy and know-how. LG U+ explained the status of its 5G network and strategy and quality improvement activities.

They were briefed about LG U+’s six core services and business models such as U+ VR and U+ AR and also expressed much interest in the company’s 5G Innovation Lab which has launched an initiative to vitalize the 5G ecosystem based on win-win growth with small businesses.