Saturday, November 16, 2019
Samsung Electronics Service Labor Union Set to Stage Strike
Strike Could Cause Trouble for Air Conditioner Buyers
Samsung Electronics Service Labor Union Set to Stage Strike
  • By Michael Herh
  • July 10, 2019, 14:42
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The labor union of Samsung Electronics Service is set to go on strike.

The labor union of Samsung Electronics Service, a company that is responsible for repairing Samsung Electronics products, is set to go on strike.

If the union walks out, Samsung Electronics Service will become the second company, following SI, among Samsung Group affiliates to suffer a strike due to a conflict over wage and collective agreements.

With a strong heat wave forecast to start in July in Korea, the union’s strike can cause trouble for those who buy Samsung air conditioners.

"The Central Labor Relations Commission has decided to stop its mediation over our application for a dispute settlement," a union official said on July 8. “We are ready to go on strike any time.” Prior to this, the labor union held a strike vote on July 4, with 1,731 of the 2,041 unionists voting for a walkout.

They decided to start strike activities by wearing labor struggle uniforms on July 10. They also began setting up placards and holding pickets in an effort to inform people of their demands. On July 13, they will refuse to work to mark the 6th anniversary of the birth of the labor union. These are based on a labor struggle plan drawn up in an internal meeting of the labor union beforehand.

So far, S1 is the only Samsung Group affiliate that experienced a strike because of conflicts during wage and collective bargaining negotiations.

Concerns over the possibility of a major “air conditioner” fiasco are growing as a strong summer heat wave begins in July. Samsung Electronics Service shifted into summer emergency mode this week following the announcement last week of the first heat wave warning in the Seoul metropolitan area. The company has already mobilized white collar workers with on-site service experience to respond to customers. Under the circumstances, if the union goes on strike, it could cause havoc for consumers.