Monday, December 9, 2019
Overseas Customers Lavish Praises on Samsung Electronics' BESPOKE Refrigerator
A Customizable Refrigerator That Looks Like Abstract Artwork
Overseas Customers Lavish Praises on Samsung Electronics' BESPOKE Refrigerator
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • July 5, 2019, 14:46
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Reporters from major Latin American media outlets including Brazil's largest daily newspaper O Globo try out Samsung Electronics’ customized refrigerator BESPOKE at Project Prism Showroom at the Main Gangnam Branch of the Samsung Digital Plaza, Seoul on July 4.

The BESPOKE refrigerator, a customizable refrigerator recently launched by Samsung Electronics, is getting favorable reviews from overseas media outlets. With the new refrigerator, customers can customize their own configurations of material, color, sizing and other feature choices. It comes in eight sizes and nine color panels, allowing the customer to build a refrigerator depending on their taste, residential space and family size.

Samsung Electronics said on July 4 that Fast Company, a U.S. economic media outlet, recently reviewed BESPOKE in an article entitled "This just might be the world’s most beautiful refrigerator. The article says, “Built from any combination of colors and door configurations, Bespoke’s modular color blocks assemble to look like anything from a stylish locker to an armoire designed by Piet Mondrian.”

“Samsung Electronics has proved that fridges can be as fashionable as they are functional with the release of its new line of BESPOKE refrigerators,” said a reviewer at, a U.S. website that reviews and recommends products to help readers buy the stuff they need. “The refrigerators look more like abstract artwork than a family fridge.”

Samsung Electronics said that the BESPOKE refrigerator attracted a lot of attention from visitors to the Project Prism showroom, which was launched on July 4 at the Main Gangnam Branch of the Samsung Digital Plaza in Seoul. Project Prism features home appliances that can fit into any lifestyle by allowing customers to personalize the materials, colors, shapes and designs of the products. The number of visitors surpassed 10,000 in four weeks since the refrigerator was launched. The visitors included journalists from Latin America.

"The characteristics of millennial consumers factored in BESPOKE are not limited to Korea, but are global trends," said Yang Hye-soon, managing director of the Household Appliance Business Division at Samsung.