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Eagon Plays a Role in Building Korean-style Embassy of Switzerland
The First Korean-style Embassy Building in Korea
Eagon Plays a Role in Building Korean-style Embassy of Switzerland
  • By Choi Moon-hee
  • July 2, 2019, 10:57
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The Korean-style Embassy of Switzerland in Seoul built with products of Eagon

Window and door system manufacturer Eagon announced on July 1 that the new Embassy of Switzerland in Seoul has been built with its products. The first Korean-style embassy building in South Korea was designed by Nicolas Vaucher, lead architect at Burckhardt+Partner SA, and Erae Architects & Engineers representative Lee In-ho.

The Swiss government launched a design contest for the new building in 2012. The Korean-style design beat more than 70 competitors as a concept reflecting both cultures. In addition, the new embassy building uses energy-efficient materials for less power consumption.

In the new building construction project, Eagon focused on improving the performance of the building while maintaining traditional cultural elements. Also, the company developed WDS 90 CUSTOM, a top-quality wooden front door, only for the embassy building. Triple glass and British wood highly resistant to distortion and twisting are used in the door.

Eagon applied its aluminum- and wood-based Connex window and door systems to the building as well so that the shape of the Korean-style building can be maintained well with the wood-finished functional hardware and smooth opening and closing, soundproofing, heat insulation and security can be ensured at the same time. CWS 67 TT, in particular, supports dual use, that is, turning for entering and window cleaning and tilting for ventilation.