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Automakers Rushing to Provide Connected Car Services
New Models Feature Voice Recognition Services
Automakers Rushing to Provide Connected Car Services
  • By Jung Min-hee
  • July 1, 2019, 10:37
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Korean automakers are rushing to launch connected car services to attract customers' attention.

Korean automakers are rushing to launch connected car services. They have loaded new models with car infotainment devices based on wireless communications and are seeking to draw customers’ attention to them.

Renault Samsung Motors introduced a voice recognition service to the recently launched All-New QM6. The voice recognition service is based on KT’s artificial intelligence (AI) voice recognition assistant “Giga Genie” and offers such functions as navigation, music playbacks and car manual changes.

"Drivers are able to use the car infotainment system with voice commands only, which boosts both convenience and safety,” a Renault Samsung official said.

Earlier Hyundai Motor loaded a natural language voice recognition assistant service onto the new Sonata model released in May. The service was based on a voice recognition service of Kakao-i, an AI platform operated by Kakao Corp. Hyundai worked with Kakao to optimize a smart speaker for the new model. This service allows drivers to check news, weather, movie and TV information, stock quotes, common sense, sports games, real-time search keyword rankings, foreign language translation, exchange rates, and fortunetelling.

Kia Motors will also load the K7 Premiere to be launched this month with car infotainment technology “Car to Home.” The new technology can control home internet of things (IoT) devices such as home lighting apparatuses, plugs, air conditioners, boilers and gas circuit breakers from cars.

"In recent years, people consider not only driving performance and design but car infotainment functions when buying vehicles," said an official of the automobile industry. “Keeping this trend in mind, automakers are actively collaborating with IT companies in developing connected cars."